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Welcome to the NVG Showcase!


What Is The Showcase

NVG’s Annual Recreational Showcase is a fun exhibition for students to showcase the skills they have learned here at NVG! Students will work on memorizing routines to perform at the showcase in front of friends, family, and fellow students. This is a fun, stress free event for everyone! Each athlete can choose  to order a commemorative T- Shirt/ leotard! Parents you can order one as well in show of support for you very special athletes. All participants will even receive a medal! There will also be shout outs and shout out plus's available during the event to make your athletes moment even more memorable. There will also be a couple of vendors onsite during the event where you can purchase special items as well!

You can only Sign Up in Person at the Front Desk!

Space is limited so hurry and stop by to sign up today!




$35 for the first athlete

$30 for the second

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 10.10.17 AM.png


Save The Date

Saturday April 20th and

Sunday April 21st

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Last Day To Sign Up


April 12th


Last Day To Sign Up April 12th

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